Happy Birthday, America

I have a professional obligation to promote political theater when it presents itself in this county. So above is a bit of graphics from the Gunzburger boy that nearly rivals Model Citizen himself. Sure there is a humorous side to all this, but it's mostly infuriating. Sheriff Lamberti can't get off his losing streak -- and it's his own damned fault. What's troubling isn't just the sheriff's lack of judgment but that among all his well-paid advisers, there is nobody who who can steer him in the right direction and help him from making idiotic decisions.  

In other corruption news, witnesses in the case involving the dirty developers Chait are now streaming into the State Attorney's Office for the grand jury. I hear Tamarac city officials were called in last week and activist and former commission candidate Patti Lynn is set to testify on Thursday morning. Rumors are flying; next week should be fun.  



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