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Harriette Gubel Celebrates 96 Years With a Seventh-Inning Stretch

Last year, the Juice brought you a feel-good story about Harriette "Hattie" Gubel celebrating her 95th birthday. The Fort Lauderdale lady is a big baseball fan, as it turns out, an even bigger fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, and an even bigger fan of Phillies Manager Charlie Manual.

Although it would feel great to report that Hattie and Charlie have eloped and absconded to a little bungalow in the Keys, that's not the case.

And although Hattie's great nephew Daniel Bachove is taking her, as usual, to a Phillies game to ring in her 96th year, he's upping the ante this time around.

On August 4, when the Phillies play the Marlins at Sun Life Stadium, Hattie will be escorted onto the field during the seventh-inning stretch where she'll sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," possibly throwing out a joke about how much peanuts and Cracker Jack cost back when she was a kid.

Bachove says his great auntie will "perform her best American Idol rendition of the song that has made baseball history," which means afterward, Ellen DeGeneres will probably decree, "Hattie, you rise above a sea of people. Like Snooki's poof, you just stand out."

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Jeff Stratton
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