Heat Gonna Burn Some Hawks

Last night's game in Atlanta was one that makes any real basketball fan more intense and creates rivalries.

Why? Well, a big part of it was that Atlanta proved itself to be a classless town. The crowd booing Dwyane Wade when he got up after banging his head on the floor after Josh Smith body-blocked him (yeah, it was intentional, though not dirty) was one of the worst examples of mass poor sportsmanship ever witnessed. 

Then some scrub on Atlanta got in Wade's face after fouling him on the way to the basket, starting some drama. Then Wade was called for a ridiculous flagrant foul on one of the best blocks you'll ever see (yeah, he may have brushed Moe Evans' body, but it was the opposite of a flagrant). Then Josh Smith, with the game out of reach, tried a showboat between-the-legs dunk and missed it pathetically, a little unpoetic justice. But if you really want to know how bush-league Atlanta is, listen to their radio announcer, Steve Holman of "790 The Zone," calling the game last night. He's just dead wrong about everything, but my favorite line is, "Dwyane Wade tried to hurt Moe Evans!"

It's priceless -- and a good reason why Miami's going to put a serious whupping on Atlanta in the next game. Guaranteed.




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