HeatLifer Hashtag Has Taken Over Twitter: Here Are the Best Ones

Nothing brings an entire fan base together quite like LeBron James abandoning your team. And that's been more evident this offseason as Heat fans have rallied around Dwyane Wade and his magical #HeatLifer hashtag.

Wade put the hashtag out there when he announced his return to the Heat, breathing hope and passion back into the faithful, while ceremoniously stamping out LeBron's #LaFamilia hashtag he had been tweeting as his announcement of his return to Cleveland approached.

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On Monday, Heat owner Micky Arison wrote an open-letter to the fans, saying the team that has built a championship tradition was far from done. He too put the #HeatLifer hashtag on it.

Then, on Tuesday, the Miami Heat's official Twitter account tweeted this out:

And Heat Twitter showered the replies with pics, and love and faithfulness to the organization.

Here are the best from that batch.

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