Craig Fugate
Craig Fugate

Heckuva Job, Fugate!

That is the implicit message from our new president to our new director of the Federal Emergency Management Administration, W. Craig Fugate, whose appointment was announced today by the Obama White House. In his eighth year as the director of Florida's Division of Emergency Management, Fugate was a Jeb Bush appointee -- not that there's anything wrong with that. Before that he held a similar job in Alachua County -- Gainsevilled and the surrounding area.

Having weathered Katrina and Wilma, plus a bunch of smaller hurricanes, Fugate's about as experienced as they get. Sure, the state faltered a bit in its response to Wilma, but that was a hellacious hurricane. For the most part, Fugate's been able to ensure that natural disasters didn't lead to unnatural disasters.

On the down-side, Fugate knows shit-all about Arabian horses.


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