Hector Picard Fights Through Beryl Rains, Flat Tires, South Carolina, and a Bruised Butt

On Monday morning, while most of you were sucking down coffees and lamenting the Miami Heat's near comeback, Hector Picard, a double-arm amputee, set out for a 103-mile bike ride from North Carolina to somewhere in Virginia. 

A few weeks back, we told you about Picard, a local legend who had the majority of both arms amputated after an accident sent 13,000 volts through his body. To mark the 20-year anniversary of the accident and raise awareness of the I Will Foundation, Picard decided to ride his bike from Fort Lauderdale to New York City. 

Here's a quick update on his journey thus far, based on Facebook updates Picard has been posting throughout the trip. Spoiler alert: South Carolina seems terrible.


First off, remnants from Tropical Storm Beryl pissed on Picard as he made his way out of the Sunshine State. Florida roads aren't the most friendly for cyclists, and adding a steady downpour is the last thing Picard needed. 

On the fifth day of riding, Picard wrote that Beryl "pounded [him] for the entire 82 miles" and that he dropped his GPS and got a flat. Oh yeah, it should be noted that Picard is fixing all mechanical malfunctions himself. He ended that day in Brunswick, Georgia. 

The days that followed were filled with Tour De France type mileage, headwinds, and many flat tires. On the seventh day, Picard was forced onto I-95 for "12 nervous miles." 

While going through South Carolina, boorish motorists inched in close and yelled at Picard to ride on the sidewalk. Way to go, South Carolina. 

Based on Picard's brief updates, the ninth day seemed to be the most challenging. That's when Picard hit a fellow rider's rear wheel, which caused him to "fly off the bike." He was prepared, though, and had knee and elbow pads in anticipation of an accident. He wrote, "pants did not tear but I do have a nice strawberry on my butt cheek."

Most impressive is Picard's positivity. He boasted about catching tail winds from Beryl, and he seems completely undeterred by the flat tires and bruised butt. 

To finish the trip on time, Picard will have to ride about 450 miles between Tuesday and Sunday. Godspeed. 

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