Helen Aguirre Ferre: Crist's Lt. Gov?

Unbelievable. The Miami Herald's Mary Ellen Klas informs us this morning that our favorite political talk show host, Helen Aguirre Ferre, is on the short list of four to become Charlie Crist's running mate. This just five days after the Herald exposed that Ferre, who is also opinion page editor of her family owned Diario Las Americas newspaper, has taken propaganda money from Radio Marti.

Okay, now it's over. Done. Finished. WPBT-Channel 2, the PBS affiliate that employs Ferre as the host of its public affairs show Issues, has no choice but to remove her. That she's even allowed herself to be considered for the Crist post shows that she's abandoned even the charade that she's anything other than a political partisan.

From the Marti Ten to the Crist Four. Unbelievable.

[ADDED: Crist announced that he has chosen Cape Coral politico Jeff Kottcamp to be his running mate. Doesn't change a thing in regards to Ferre].

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