Herald Publishes Anonymous Hollywood Letter

This is a good example of the way that the Internet is changing the way newspapers do business. Today, the Miami Herald has posted an anonymous letter sent to Hollywood Mayor Mara Giulianti and City Manager Cameron Benson that makes all kinds of claims about Major James "Jimmy" Jones.

The writer claims that Jones was hit with a restraining order from his wife for domestic violence, that he's basically a drunk who frequents Shenanigan's and tried to protect the bar owner's son from prosecution for battering police officers, and that, like Asst. Chief Louie Granteed, he rules by fear and intimidation. And where's Chief James Scarberry in all this? The picture inexorably developing is that Scarberry is a politics-playing, amoral coward who never ever should have been put in charge of anything, least of all a rat's nest of a P.D. And it all leads to the big fat rat who sits on top of it all in City Hall eating her big hunk of cheese and pretending like everything's fine. You know her name.

My two cents: I was recently told about Jimmy Jones from a Hollywood insider who said exactly the same thing about Shenanigan's and the abusive nature of this police major. If there's a cancer inside the Hollywood Police Department -- and there is -- this guy appears to be a chief tumor. (Rats or cancer; I can't decide which the best metaphor is for that stinking diseased department).

After the jump: Oh, And Our State Reps Stink, Too

Anthony Man reported in the Sun-Sentinel Monday about how a bunch of South Florida legislators want to deprive companies that do business with Sudan and Iran with state pension money. Here's Man's lede:

"Confronted with the twin evils of genocide and nuclear proliferation, a bipartisan coalition of South Florida legislators is trying to put the state's money where its morals are."

Twaddle, pure twaddle. These South Florida legislators aren't confronted with genocide -- they're just getting fat on the taxpayers' dime in Tallahassee. And morals? From our politicians? Don't make us laugh, Tony.

First off, let's split Sudan away from the equation. That actually may be the right thing to do. But Iran? The only hope of creating peace may be in the business ties between Iran and the U.S. We aren't getting any leadership or diplomacy from this wretched White House after all. Rather than the isolationist garbage being propogated by short-sighted, growth-stunted politicos like Ari Porth and Adam Hasner, we need to put adults in charge of this thing.

Shouldn't Porth and Hasner be taking the insurance industry to task right now? Or dealing with the property tax inequities? Yes, it would seem they would have more important things to do than add more hatred to the Middle East. Plus the state official who runs the pension fund says it's a bad idea that's going to create huge legal bills. So why would Porth, Hasner, et al, be pushing for it? Because it's a measure being pushed by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. It's pander time, kids!

Here's my question: When are South Floridian Jewish community leaders going to start calling bullshit on this kind of thing? You see how horribly the war in Iraq supported by AIPAC and our pandering congressmen (I'm looking in your direction Bobby Wexler) has gone. And look at the disastrous, reprehensible, and idiotic millitary assault on Lebanon that happened last year (no, seriously, http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=20060721&articleId=2787">look at it). This tough-guy shit (with big brother American at your back with an aluminum baseball bat in his hand) isn't going to save Israel. It's only going to ensure the opposite.

Capitalism, business relationships, accords -- that's what is going to save the entire region from an all-consuming war that the Bush Administration is heavily flirting with. Somebody please pass the memo to Porth, Hasner, Wexler et al.

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