Here are the Most Used Words in Florida on Reddit Last Year

If the web site Reddit is the front page of the interent, then the Florida sub-Reddit page is like the back screen door where all the mangy talk and stories about the Sunshine state sluice through. Popping in on any given day gives you a sense of what people online are talking about when it comes to America's swollen lower member. And thanks to one Redditor we know have a composite list of the most-used words for the last year.

Big hat tip to user Niehaus for cranking the data on this one. The end result is a list of the 1,071 words used most often on the Florida page. The top ten:

#1: florida:2217 times used #2: law:605 times used #3: scott:537 times used #4: beach:438 times used #5: money:413 times used #6: job:380 times used #7: bill:366 times used #8: orlando:359 times used #9: tampa:358 times used #10: gun:356 times used

You can do some interesting spot analysis from all this. For example, even though "Scott" comes in at 537 uses, "Crist" was only used 185 times, the 62nd most used word on the list ("Rick" rings in at number 25 with 285 mentions; "Charlie" come to 68 mentions at number 388).

Really, the interesting combos are endless. "Miami" was the 28th most used word, with 266 mentions. "Lauderdale" was number 334th, with only 76 mentions. "Dade" was the 897th most used word, 34 times; "Broward" didn't even make the list.

"Zimmerman" rang the bell 155 times, coming in at 91th. "Martin" only was used 61 times, coming in at 464th.

"Manatees" were mentioned 97 times. "Alligator" was mentioned 76 times. "Panther" was never mentioned.

"Conservative" was used more than "liberal," 53 times versus 46. "Happy" more than "sad," but just barely -- 56 times to 46 times. The number 35th most used word: "shit." The 42nd: "fuck."

So what's this all mean? You could sit here all day banging together various binary combinations and drawing some kind of greater significance from the numbers game. But it is an interesting way to glom what people were talking about. For example, tons of mentions of "pot," "marijuana," "weed," and "legalization." But there's nothing about "abortion," or "gay" "marriage," or even "cocaine," or "immigration." That's just one example of what you can pull out of the mess of data. Go at it.

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