Herman Cain Is Black Enough to Be the First Actual Black President, Rush Limbaugh Says

Most of the time, Rush Limbaugh says things that are highly partisan. Sometimes, he'll say something profoundly stupid -- which is what he did today from his West Palm Beach headquarters.

Limbaugh, who can apparently calculate levels of blackness in presidents and presidential candidates, was talking about businessman Herman Cain's victory in this weekend's Florida straw poll when he let his audience know that Cain's skin color reaches the threshold of making him actually black.

"At any rate, Herman Cain goes on to win the Republican presidential nomination and then goes on to be elected president, Herman Cain could be our first authentically black president," Limbaugh said. "Stop and think about that."

We stopped, we thought about it, and it's probably the dumbest thing we've heard this week.

Then there was Kevin from Oklahoma City, a first-time caller to Limbaugh's show, who had a question about Limbaugh's comment.

"You said earlier that if Herman Cain is elected that he would be the first black president," said Kevin from Oklahoma City. "What do you mean by that?"

"I said first authentically black president," Rush replied.

So, Kevin from Oklahoma City asks, "What does that mean?"

And here's Rush's genius explanation (transcription provided by his website):

RUSH:  Well, during the campaign of 2008 there were a number of liberal newspaper columnists, and even Reverend Sharpton who were challenging Barack Obama's authenticity, that he wasn't an authentic black because he didn't have any family history traced to slavery, that his mother was white --

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  -- father from Kenya, you know, was not really down for the struggle. But it was them who said that. Now, I'm simply bouncing off of them. I never get into debates over who's an authentic black and who isn't. It's the left that does that, it's the Democrat Party and their media that does that, but bouncing off what they said, Herman Cain would be more authentically black to me than Obama is.

CALLER:  Oh. So it's what they say and then you're just repeating --

RUSH:  Yeah, I'm just bouncing off of it.

CALLER:  Oh, okay.

Not that you needed a reminder, but that's Rush Limbaugh for you.

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