Herman Cain Makes a Stop in Broward; Believe It or Not, the Number Nine Was Used

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain made an appearance with a jazz band outside the Wings Plus in Coral Springs this afternoon, and sure enough, he happened to mention his "9-9-9 plan."

Check out our slide show of the rally here.

Many of the north Broward Republican figures were in attendance, as well as some other well-known politicians, like U.S. Senate candidate Mike McCalister and a bunch of the Tea Party regulars -- several of them wearing "Crackers for Cain" buttons.

Out of all of Cain's talking points, his statements on Israel garnered the best cheers from the crowd.

Specifically, it was, "If you messin' with Israel, you messin' with the United States of America."

After his Libya gaffe attracted so much attention, Cain made it clear that he's a businessman -- not a politician -- and dropped a few military talking points.

He said, specifically of Afghanistan, that the troops don't even know why they're there.

"They don't know the definition of victory," he said, referencing the Obama administration. He also added, "Let's stop sending money to our enemies. Does that make any sense?"

Cain also indirectly addressed the sexual-assault allegations, which he's previously denied as "nonsense," saying he was "on [his] way to cruise control" until the women came forward with their allegations.

He also teased the idea that he was going to address the allegations more by saying he was about to say something he'll "probably get in trouble" for.

That was his segue into his "9-9-9 plan," in which he proclaimed that opponents of the plan are lying.

His big announcement was his response to analyses that have said the plan won't raise as much revenue as the current tax system.

"Surprise! It raises more revenue," he said.

Cain spoke of the "hidden" or "invisible" taxes that would be erased under his plan, describing them as "sneak attaxes."

That said, he made a solid statement toward the end of his appearance.

"They say Cain is able," he said. "I second that motion. Amen, hallelujah!"

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