He's Back: Scott Rothstein Has Returned to Fort Lauderdale From Morocco (UPDATED)

Multiple sources say that Scott Rothstein has returned. One source says Rothstein flew into Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport and is planning to head to the law firm right now. One sources says he has money to return.

He flew in on a G-5 and is said to be (as I write this at 1:31 p.m.) waiting to clear customs.

Fort Lauderdale police officers in black SWAT uniforms and bulletproof vests surround the Bank of America building on Las Olas Boulevard where the Rothstein firm is located. News media are also there. Traffic is stopped on Las Olas.

It's a circus.

UPDATED: Because we have the best commenters in South Florida on this site, we now have the flight plan. Rothstein flew to Fort Lauderdale from, yes, Morocco's Mohammed V International. We reported here Sunday that he was in Morocco (he was later rumored to have flown from Morocco to Venezuela, which looks doubtful at this point). Here's the

link to the FlightAware page.

Aircraft Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream V (twin-jet) (GLF5/Q - track or photos)
Origin   Mohammed V Int'l (GMMN / CMN - track or info)
Destination   Fort Lauderdale Executive (KFXE - track or info) 
Other flights between these airports
Route ODAXA OGDOR 3500N 02000W 3600N 03000W 3600N 04000W 3400N 05000W AMENO M593 RUDLI M593 GRATX M329 DAAST M329 MAMML BR1L BARTS BR58V HANKX BR63V 
Date   Tuesday, Nov 03, 2009
Duration   8 hours 19 minutes
Status   Arrived over 2 hours ago. (track log)  
Scheduled  Actual/Estimated 
Departure 09:00AM UTC 09:00AM UTC
Arrival 12:35PM EST 12:19PM EST
Speed 472 kts 
Altitude 40000 feet


This is scuttlebutt and scuttlebutt alone: I hear that Rothstein is now with his attorney, Marc Nurik, in a car. Sources say that his former partner, Stuart Rosenfeldt, requested the police presence and that he doesn't want Rothstein entering the firm. Word is that Rothstein is looking to strike a deal with the feds and that a chip in the negotiations my involve TD Bank, which apparently held the accounts holding investor funds.

Anyway, here's an ode to the G5 ("no more frequent flier bitch miles for my boy"):


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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.