He's Gotta Wear Shades

Former Miami Herald reporter Peter Wallsten gets presidential apology. Dubya called out Wallsten at a Rose Garden press conference yesterday for wearing his "shades" while asking a question.

"Are you going to ask that question with shades on?" he asked with derision dripping off of him.

He then looked into the television cameras and said, "For the viewers, there's no sun." Ha ha, Mr. President, you got him good. Those damn fake liberal-elite-Volvo-driving-latte-drinking-Hollywood-loving media types even wear their sunglasses when it's cloudy.

Wallsten, who left the Herald a couple years ago for the L.A. Times, countered, "That depends on your perspective."

And the reporter -- who set up the Journalists for Jim DeFede web site with Charlie Savage -- was coming from an extremely unique perspective: He's suffering from Stargardt's disease, which causes progressive vision loss and makes its sufferers extra-sensitive to light. The president stuck his foot in his mouth big time, but at least he apologized. Now when do we get a mea culpa from Bush on the whole scaring the shit out of everyone to help get popular support for a criminal war thing?

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