He's Our Guy Now

So the Palm Beach Post, Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald are all reporting that Wa-Hi went with Cam Cameron, the offensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers, to be the next coach of the Miami Dolphins. All that's left is signing the contract and putting on a show for the press monkeys.

Here's my take on this: I'm not down on Cameron but I don't have very high expectations either. Too often coaches ride on the glory of their players and, in this case, there's a guy named LaDainian Tomlinson who could probably get five coaches hired with just one of his legs.

No, I'm not sold (and I'm not real partial to Hoosiers, either). Especially after the big playoff loss to the Patriots, where I didn't think the play-calling was very astute. The offense overall (other than L.D.L.T.) looked out of sync, the receivers dropped a lot of balls and didn't look very confident. There was a funky

reverse that killed a drive. L.D. was under-utilized.

In short, it reminded me of a Wannstedt Wonder.

Yeah, I'm not sold. But Cameron could be great. He's brought along Philip Rivers beautifully at quarterback, worked Turner in well in the backfield Tomlinson, and he seems like a strong candidate. Would he be my first choice? No. That would be, yeah, you know it, Urban Meyer.

But it's a clean slate. Cameron, as far as the Pulp is concerned, is the best coach in the world right now. Congratulations to him.

Here's to the Fins. And here's some bio from the Post's Greg A. Bedard:

"Cameron, a former quarterback at Indiana University, is known in league circles as one of the brightest, most innovative offensive minds in the NFL.

... Cameron has a long association with top coaches -- not only in football, but in basketball. At Indiana, he played football for Lee Corso and Sam Wyche, and basketball for Bob Knight.

Cameron was an assistant to Bo Schembechler, the late legendary coach at the University of Michigan, and served under both Norv Turner (with the Washington Redskins) and Marty Schottenheimer (Chargers). Cameron's stepfather, Tom Harp, coached football at Cornell, Duke and Indiana State.

Cameron, according to friends, is known for always being positive, but also very tough.

Cameron and his wife, Missy, have four children: Tommy, Danny, Christopher and Elizabeth."

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