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Hey Brother, Can You Spare 20 Grand?

The Palm Beach Post was dominated today by the wrong tense. On the front page is a huge headline, "Property Values Have Risen An Average Of 21 Percent ... WHAT'S DRIVING THE SURGE?" The website headline: "PBC property values shoot up 21 percent." Apparently they didn't read their own story. At the top of his article, Tony Doris writes: "Property Appraiser Gary Nikolits cautioned Thursday that the just-released tax roll estimate reflects last year's property sales and appraisals. He said recent trends portend the close of an era of record-breaking real estate appreciation." Why didn't the Post heed Nikolits' caution before they misled their readers? Then they would have written: "WHAT DROVE THE SURGE?" and "PBC property values shotup." But, golly, that sounds like old news, don't it?

In John Dorschner's story on a breast-job surgeon's conviction on fraud charges, they put the raw indictment right there for all to see. Tom "The Convergence King" Fiedler's newspaper does this occasionally. It's a good thing.

If you're in dire straits, like you can't pay your mortgage or your tax bill, call developer Philip Procacci. He'll fix you right up, just like he did Ken Jenne with that $20,000 loan. "Somebody in need, he's that kind of a guy," lawyer Michael Colodny told Buddy Nevins for his story in the Sun-Sentinel. Gee, and some of us cynics thought the freebie loan had something to do with the fact that Procacci relied on BSO to rent out some of his buildings. He's just a sweetheart, this guy.

Check out Barry Epstein's radio show on WWNN 1470 AM radio Friday morning at 10 a.m. The Pulp man is going to be on there talking about Deerfield Beach.

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