Hey, Fort Lauderdale Pedestrians, Even This Alligator Knows How to Use a Crosswalk

The above photograph, which Bay News 9 shared on its Facebook page, is of an alligator. It is a very large, very stupid animal. Seriously. A 400-pound alligator has a brain the size of about three olives. It's pretty much just swim/kill/sleep for old Mr. Gator.

But the above photograph is also evidence that even a creature as primitive as a crocodile can figure out how to safely cross the street at the designated location. This message is directed at you, People Who Just Strut Across the Street All Zig-Zaggy. Even this Florida swamp-dinosaur knows not to wander around in the middle of Andrews Avenue and wait for oncoming traffic -- though some of his colleagues weren't as lucky. So next time you're thinking about running diagonally across a Broward Boulevard intersection... think like a gator.

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