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Best of Broward / Palm Beach

Hey, Go Vote in New Times Best of Broward - Palm Beach 2013 Readers' Poll!

Hey. You love things. We know you love things. And you want to voice your opinion on those things that you love, because people who don't love the things you love are dumb. And wrong. But, mostly dumb. 

Well, that's what the internet is for, friend-o. That, and cat videos. 

But, more to the point, that's what the New Times Reader's Poll is for. It has over 50 categories! 

This is your chance to voice your opinion on the things you love while also clicking on stuff.

Be it the best hotel, best gym, best movie theater, best drag queen, or best Heat player, here you will find a bevy of things to vote on.

Here's what you do:


Next, dig our Empire Strikes Back cover motif. Look at it. Looove it.

Now, look over at the super cool drop down menu on the left, AND GET TA VOTIN'.

How? By writing in what you think is best (and no, "Your Momma" doesn't count, so no funny stuff)

For your vote to be counted, you must nominate your picks in at least ten of the categories. Then come May 6, we'll tally up the write-ins and create a thing where you can come back and vote for the top 5 we found in each category. The final results will be released June 13, when New Times' 2013 edition of the Best of Broward - Palm Beach comes out.

It'll be a hoot!


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