Hey You, Homeless Guy Who Appears to Be Airport-Bound

What's up, homeless guy, with that suitcase you've been pulling?

I've seen you hauling your worldly possessions down Andrews Avenue just about every night. It's a black carry-on, just like the one I confuse with a thousand black carry-ons at the baggage claim.

You put your backpack on top of it, just like I do heading toward security. I have to say, homeless guy, it's a pretty brilliant thing. Rather than busting your ass pushing a shopping cart or slinging a bag over your shoulder, you're saving your back with a suitcase on wheels.

And I'd bet the tourists think you're just on your way to the airport. So with one accessory, you've both improved your health and the perception of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Thank you, homeless guy with a rolling suitcase.


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