High Oil: Now It's Definitely A Bush Thing

There's only thing driving up the price of oil at this moment and it's not supply and demand (anymore). It's speculation that George W. Bush is going to give Israel the go-ahead to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities -- which will spike the price of oil well above the much ballyhooed $150 mark.

That's it. The idiot Bush has been saber-rattling about it all over the world, which has helped keep upward pressure on oil. This guy is a war monger who doesn't give two shits about the people (if you didn't already know). And when you hear people talking about Obama and the Jewish vote, understand that they are talking about just this kind of thing. McCain, like Bush, will let the "preemptive" bombs fly while Obama won't. You all can decide in November which is better, but by then America may be already fucked up beyond all recognition.

ADDENDUM: As if on cue, I just received the latest missive sent out by alm Beach County Republican Party Chairman Sid Dinerstein in his jihad against Barack Obama. The subject line reads: "Why more Jews won't be voting Democrat this year." Included is a Jerusalem Post story by Jennifer Rubin about how Obama probably won't let Israel use the force it wants to use against its neighbors. In it Rubin honors another great American president -- Richard Nixon -- and says that if McGovern had been elected Israel probably wouldn't exist today. Common sense won't get in the way of this kind of viral insanity. Here's the note Dinerstein typed over the article:

"The last Holocaust was on them.

The next is on us.


[Sid sent me an email to explain what he means:

"The last Holocaust was on them" means that the world could not imagine one.

"The next one is on us" means that there is no excuse for us not stopping the next one since the Iranians have already promised it.


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