High Support For Medical Marijauna Doesn't Matter to an Anti-Weed Columnist

Let's clear a few things up just in case anyone was misled by a column from the Sun Sentinel's Nicole Brochu earlier this week. 

Despite a recent survey that found 57 percent of Floridians support legalization of medical marijuana, Brochu doesn't think that it's likely to happen. "Florida isn't California," she wrote. Her column on March 9 was about a bill introduced to the state legislature by Rep. Jeff Clemens, who hopes to have the amendment placed on the ballot for the November 2012 election. It would then need 60 percent voter approval.

Brochu wished Clemens luck. She has staunchly denounced recreational weed smoking, but expressed support for regulated, medicinal pot. Still, she doubted that sensible legislation stands a chance in Florida. 

Then, the Sun Sentinel conducted an online poll, which found 98 percent of responders in support of legalizing medical marijuana. 

The misleading didn't stop there, however. She wrote that she supports medical marijuana but not recreational use because it potentially leads to "harder drugs." Even though the whole "gateway drug" theory was mostly refuted by a recent study in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

Brochu then went on to contradict herself. In another anti-weed column on January 14, she wrote, "To classify marijuana, for example, as a Schedule 1 drug next to heroin is to exaggerate its potency and potential for abuse." But in her March 9 column she equated the risks of medical marijuana to the prescription drug epidemic which was caused by pills that are just as addictive as heroin when abused.

Though disregard for numbers and self-contradiction may seem like the work of an Ibogaine crazed columnist, it most likely came from a sober mind on constant alert from the dangers of bloodthirsty potheads who constantly send her death threats. 

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