Hillary Clinton in Hospital for Blood Clot Following Concussion; Allen West Led the Way in Mocking It

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital Sunday after doctors found a blood clot related to a concussion she suffered ten days ago.

Earlier this month, Clinton was sick with a stomach virus when she fainted and banged her head, causing a concussion and opening the door for A GOPers Delight as the wingnutters, led by our very own soon-to-be-ex-congressman Allen West, questioned and mocked Clinton's fall, basically accusing the secretary of state of stalling her testimony on the Benghazi attacks because there really superseriously is a government conspiracover-up perpetrated by Obama, no really, look at the feeble evidence Fox News keeps yammering about!

So, obviously, she was faking it. Because that's what ladies do -- especially Hillary Clinton, amerite, GOPers?? Ha. Ha. Ha.

Seriously, though... a lot of conservatards actually accused her of making up the concussion story. Starting with West.

Oh, but West wasn't alone in upending this travesty by Clinton's supposed "fall" that supposedly "caused her brain to hit her skull" and therefore supposedly "concussed" her.

Dark Crystal puppet Charles Krauthammer went on Fox and said that Clinton seemed "to have a severe Benghazi allergy."

Ah, but the nuttery didn't end there.

Former U.N. ambassador under Dubya and current Felix the Cat villain, John Bolton, accused Clinton of coming up with a "diplomatic illness." Shockingly, Professor McMustache also said this on Fox.

Also, some asshat at the Daily Caller inceptionized the entire Benghazi COVER-UP by calling the fall a COVER-UP because no one would give him her medical report.

He also chastised people that called for Romney's tax returns who were now mad at him for calling for medical records. Because demanding to see the tax returns from someone running for fucking President of the United States and demanding medical records from someone because there's no way they fell down and seriously hurt themselves IS EXACTLY THE SAME EXACT THING, EXACTLY.

The New York Post also got in on the Pfft You Didn't Really Fall Down and Have a Concussion, Girl, Don't Even fest, and devoted an entire story to Clinton's "fake concussion" story, calling it "fishy" and giving it its very own New York Post-y headline and everything!

And then there was Colonel West himself, hitting up the Fox & Friends and seeing Bolton's "diplomatic illness" and Krauthammer's "Benghazi allergy" and raising a "Benghazi flu" on their asses.

"I'm not a doctor," West told Fox & Friends. "But it seems as though that the secretary of state has come down with a case of Benghazi flu."

Boom, conservatard'd.

According to her spokesman, doctors will be monitoring Clinton for the next day or two, and will continue to assess her condition to see if any further action is required.

As part of her treatment, Clinton is being treated with anti-coagulants.

Or........ IS SHE????

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