Hitting The Links

I have to apologize to you for neglecting the Pulp lately -- been on deadline with my real job. Here are some links that I've been wanting to post, but haven't had the time.

Hey it's the weekend. Raise a toast and have a good one.

-- Here's a story from the Boston Phoenix about what former Miami Herald editor Tom Fiedler is up to (he's heading Boston University's College of Communications if you didn't know). Hasn't been long since Tom left, but it seems like another era.

-- Two folks admired by the Pulp passed away this week, the great activist Leola McCoy and Sun-Sentinel theater critic Jack Zink. The two of them shared at least two things in common: A great love for this place and good enduring work that has made it better.

-- We journalists have come to love the power of Google. What we write pops up on the things we write about and not only can that have great influence, but it also, in a way, makes our work timeless (except for those idiot newspapers like the Sun-Sentinel that expunge their archives after two weeks). But watch out, those rascally politicians are finding a way to relegate us to the next to last page of search results. It's called reputation management -- and it's already being practiced by John Rodstrom, Josephus Eggelletion, and Evan Jenne.

-- So what happens when the Miami Herald breaks a state story and the Sun-Sentinel has to rely on the report? Well, it just happened and the name of the Miami Herald was altered to "A South Florida Newspaper." It's quite petty (and wrong) on the Sentinel's part -- and the Herald's Marc Caputo took some welcome public umbrage.

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