Hitting Up Today's Rothstein Auction

Above you can see a framed signed photograph from Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti being sold at today's Scott Rothstein auction. The photo went for $250. It gives you a taste of the action led by auctioneer Benny Fisher. I'm going to update this post multiple times, as Pulp research assistant Lyn Evans covered the proceedings, which raised roughly $200,000. She estimates that a crowd of about 300 arrived to snap up the Ponzi schemer's stuff. Remember the painting of Venice that concealed Rothstein's 80-inch television screen? It went for $1,500, but more interesting was the buyer, Rhea Chiles, a daughter of late Florida Gov. Lawton Chiles. She also bought Rothstein's special pen for $3,250 and his desk clock for $5,500, according to the Sentinel

Spotted on-scene was Rothstein bankruptcy trustee Herbert Stettin, but unfortunately he declined to be interviewed. Also present was Moe Sohail, the cigar man, as was Broward Circuit Judge Marc Gold. Here are some items and what they fetched:

- Framed photo of Rothstein and Gov. Charlie Crist embracing (signed "Scott, you're amazing!" by Crist): $2,100

- Rothstein's desk: $3,750.

- Leather couch with alligator arms: $2,500.

- Eight leather chairs went for $550 apiece (Rothstein spent $8,000 each for them and another $45,000 to expedite their delivery by a week).

- Official art poster by New York artist Charles Fazzino: $1,600.

- Framed photo of Rothstein, Kim Rothstein, and Dan Marino:  $600

- Dan Marino helmet: $1,500

More prices and video after the jump.

- Framed UF Gators commemoration for 1996 national championship football team: $300

- Dan Marino retirement game picture and Marino signed ticket:  $900.

- Painting of Yankee Stadium by Charles Fazzino that includes embedded Swarovski crytals: $3,500.

- Photo of Scott and Jeb Bush (signed by Bush): $1,500

- Bill McCullom and Scott photo signed by McCullom: $1,000

- Photo of George W. Bush and Scott signed by Bush: $400 (purchased by Judge Gold).

- John and Cindy McCain, Crist, and Rothstein signed by McCain: $350.

- Sarah Palin, KR, and SR (signed by Palin): $500

- Dwyane Wade-autographed shoe: $900

What follows is a look at the crowd.

The following is Pompano Mayor Lamar Fisher, son of Benny, auctioning off a photograph of Rothstein and Jeb Bush.

Following is a short interview with Paul Singerman, of Berger Singerman, which is handling the Rothstein bankruptcy with Stettin. Favorite quote: "Glad we're at the beginning of the end of the disposition of these outrageous, self-aggrandizing mementa that Mr. Rothstein accumulated."

OK, last one for a while. This is the selling of a piece of the floor from the basketball court during the 2007 Final Four in Atlanta, where Florida won an NCAA championship. There were 1,900 pieces of floor sold, and this was No. 1 in the series. It went for $1,400, an obvious disappointment for the auctioneers, who started the bidding at $5,000. 

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