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Hollywood and Coral Springs Police Conducting Traffic Checks All Day Today

If you're commuting through the Hollywood and Coral Springs area this morning and into the afternoon, there are a couple of police checkpoints you should be aware of. The Hollywood Police Department and Coral Springs Police Department are partnering up with the National Insurance Crime Bureau to conduct what they're calling a multiagency traffic enforcement operation.

Basically, cops will be on the lookout for anyone driving around without insurance or even fake insurance. Police will also be on the lookout for drivers with suspended licenses.

This may not be an issue for you, but traffic near the designated areas might be bananas, especially during morning rush hour.

Hollywood Police Department Officer Meredith Elrich says the Hollywood PD will host about 30 representatives from more than 20 insurance companies.

"South Florida is one of the leaders in the United States in regards to insurance fraud, costing our citizens billions of dollars each year," Elrich says. "The traffic enforcement operation is designed to deter, prevent, and apprehend those operating uninsured vehicles or those with fraudulent insurance cards."

With that, the multiagency traffic operation will have two separate command posts that will be up and running between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The first command post, called the Insurance Company Call Center and Command Post, will be set up at the Hollywood Beach Community Center located at 1301 S. Ocean Drive in Hollywood.

The second post, the LPR and Traffic Command Post, will be set up at 200 S. Federal Highway.

Police will be conducting "enhanced traffic enforcement," which consists of using automatic license plate readers to identify vehicles whose registered owners have suspended driver’s licenses.

Additionally, officers from the Coral Springs Police Department will be conducting simultaneous traffic operations within their jurisdictions, using the Hollywood Police Department's Insurance Command Post to verify insurance information.

So, if you have to drive anywhere near these designated areas, we suggest you find an alternate route to avoid traffic headaches.     
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