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Hollywood City Commissioner Wants People From Kendall to Get Off Her Beach Already

Heads up to people from Kendall who head north to Hollywood: Some politicians are trying to crack down on coolers, tents, and umbrellas so you’ll stop coming to their beach.

Yesterday’s commission meeting in Hollywood, which is at least 34 miles from Kendall, ended in a vote to tentatively approve a ban on coolers more than three feet long, canopy tents larger than 10 feet by 10 feet, and tables of any size. Linda Sherwood, Hollywood’s District 6 commissioner, said the new, stricter laws would push out, well, a less desirable element. 

“We’re getting families from Kendall coming up here, and our own residents can’t use the beach because they’re having these big family parties that last all day long,” she complained.

Mayor Peter Bober was the only vote against the changes to the ordinance, but added: “A lot of people are not satisfied with the kinds of people who are coming to Hollywood Beach. It’s a public beach, and it belongs to everyone.”

He suggested it was "very speculative" to say that people setting up tents are from Miami-Dade County.

After the meeting, Sherwood clarified that she had nothing against Kendall, per se. “It could be Hialeah or Homestead. The problem is that the beach is completely overrun with tents and families. They have their own beach, but they come to ours because they can put tents up.” 

Miles Moss, who serves on the board of the Kendall Federation of Homeowners Associations, said he’d never heard of anyone from Kendall going all the way to Hollywood just for the beach.

“They think that the real problem isn’t coming from people in Broward County?” he said. “But for some reason, people from Kendall are driving 30 minutes to get to Hollywood Beach? It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me in terms of the logic.”

A second vote will take place after July 4th. It's unclear whether anyone from Kendall, Homestead, or Hialeah plans to attend. 
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