Hollywood City Manager Doug Hewett Gets Paid $66,000 for Getting Arrested

Hollywood City Manager Doug Hewett was arrested on DUI charges after a police officer reported Hewett was swerving on the way home from a male strip club on Easter Sunday. A meeting this morning was held to figure out what was going to happen to him after Mayor Peter Bober called for his resignation.

The City Commission approved a deal 6-1 in which Hewett resigned and promised not to sue the city in exchange for a year of health care and $66,000 -- the equivalent of 20 weeks' pay for somebody who's been on the job for 13 weeks.
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Hewett allegedly blew a .145 and .139 on the Breathalyzer, far above the .08 legal limit. But City Commissioner Dick Blattner said it wasn't just the drinking that did Hewett in. Gay strip clubs, Blattner said, are bad.

"We did not know where his drinking had taken place," Blattner said, according to the Miami Herald. "We didn't know what it was. I saw the name in the police report, but that name meant nothing to me."

Blattner said Hewett was withholding details. Apparently Dick couldn't be bothered to Google Swinging Richards.

"Here's the thing -- I was never worried about the DUI. That happens," Blattner said, ridiculously. "But the other issues piled on top, and they now become issues of judgment, responsibility, maturity, and so forth."

Blattner's statements, in review: Drunk driving happens, man, it's whatever. But go check out a dong show and you're in trouble, mister.

Good to see Hollywood is in such reasonable hands now that Hewett's gone.

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