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Hollywood Goes Hollywood

The Balance Sheet is reporting that the City of Hollywood's CRA is producing a video starring ... Mayor Mara Giulianti. They've gotten a copy of the script, which includes this little stage direction: "Mayor Mara in outside locations (downtown & broadwalk)." And ends with the mayor, who is running for reeelection, telling the lucky viewers:

"And I'm the Chair of the CRA Board, Mara GUILIANTI. Together as a Community Redevelopment Agency we are working to make YOUR Hollywood a great place to

live, work and play. Today and for generations to follow!"

Here's how the Balance Sheet views this taxpayer-funded mini-boondoggle:

"So here we have a severely cash-strapped city with financial liabilities way beyond our ability to pay. We have reduced services, more user fees, and long-neglected water and sewer infrastructure that is urgently in need of costly upgrades. We also have an ethically tarnished city including a suspended commissioner, cops caught in an FBI sting, and a police chief who blew an undercover investigation. We have a failure of due diligence in granting millions of dollars to a developer who could not perform. And there is more, including missing e-mails and computer hard drives that disappeared or crashed before prosecutors could examine them.

Have you had enough? If so, it is time to act. If you think it is irresponsible and wasteful for the CRA to be spending public tax dollars on a self-promotional video, please write the commission and tell them to put a stop this improper use of Hollywood taxpayers' money."

Damn that's good.

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