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Hollywood Has History, Whores, Beaches and Freeway Access... Wait, What?

With all the puff pieces that one expects from local glossies (e.g. a recent article on maligned hospital district commissioner Joseph Cobo allegedly inspired by favor-trading), it's startling to encounter one that's actually got some punch. So here's to Florida Trend, the business magazine that in its May issue gives an unusually candid assessment of the condition of Broward County cities at this moment in history. You can see the whole article here, but I'd like to pluck out my favorite passage. To Floridians who may be unfamiliar with it, the magazine says of Hollywood:

The city is an older suburb with an interesting history, tough politics and a classy layout that features huge traffic circles. It has all the tools for future success, notably a beach conducive to strolling, an engaged citizenry, the 998-room Westin Diplomat hotel, proximity to Miami and I-95. A recent source of anxiety: Low-rent motels along Federal Highway frequented by hookers and drug dealers.
Yep. Wouldn't change a word. Except maybe "recent." I think "permanent" might be a better choice.

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Thomas Francis