Oteger Greene
Oteger Greene
Photo: Florida Department of Corrections

Hollywood Man Killed in Botched Robbery

A 27-year-old man from Hollywood died from gunshot wounds this weekend after he was shot during a struggle with another man in Lake City. But detectives are only recently pieced together the sequence of events that led to his death, according to the Gainesville Sun.

Police believe that the Hollywood man, Lenoris Owens, was trying to rob the man that killed him, Oteger Greene, age 24. In a scuffle that occurred in a backyard, Greene grabbed the gun and fired two shots at Owens. Greene then fled the scene. But since witnesses corroborate Greene's story, it appears police believe he acted in self-defense.

Judging by the Broward Clerk of Courts page, Owens had compiled a long rap sheet here.

You can bet that former Hollywood Police Asst Chief Rick Lemack is chagrined about the killing's publicity in Gainesville. This week he'll hear whether he's been chosen among five finalists to be Gainesville's chief of police. Lemack narrowly lost the primary for Broward Sheriff a year ago, he's been hampered by the connection to one of the state's most maligned departments, and now this. Tough break.


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