Hollywood Mom Accused of Diving Into Lake With 5-Year-Old Daughter After Allegedly Stealing DVDs

Deanna Headley's plan to evade a Walmart security guard after allegedly stealing DVDs included holding her 5-year-old daughter like a football while she ran across six lanes of traffic and jumped into a lake with the girl.

Did we mention neither of them can swim?

The cops say Headley, a 23-year-old Hollywood resident, was caught on camera dropping some DVDs into her purse during a stealing spree at a Hallandale Beach Walmart with her sister and daughter.

Headley was on her way out the door when a security guard tried to stop her.

That's when Headley went into Barry Sanders mode, tucking her daughter under her arm and sprinting away.

The cops say Headley ran across six lanes of heavy traffic on Hallandale Beach Boulevard, shaking off a security guard before running into an apartment building.

Headley came outside a short time later, hit the security guard, and headed for a 15-foot-deep lake, the cops say.

She dove into the lake with her human football still under her arm, then decided to let everyone know she couldn't swim.

Headley wouldn't let go of her kid, but eventually cops and Walmart workers got the two out of the water unharmed, police say.

"If not for the responding police units as well as the Walmart personnel pulling you from the waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, it's very likely both of you would have drowned," Judge John Hurley said, according to NBC Miami. "And this was all over some DVDs from Walmart."

The football/Headley's daughter is in the possession of the Department of Children and Families.

Headley faces charges of committing a felony that could cause death, child abuse, strong-arm robbery, and battery.

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