Hollywood's Hometown Hero: Killer Pecs, But Can He Find Young Circle?

You know how you make your porn name by using your childhood pet's name and the name of the street where you grew up? Apparently, the formula for professional wrestlers is:

(First name of favorite action movie actor) + (last name of favorite movie character)

And that's how Dolph Diggler became the alter ego of Nick Nemeth, a leading contender for the WWE Intercontinental title belt, who bills himself as a native of Hollywood, even though he's actually from Lakewood, just west of Cleveland.

Why? Having lived in both cities, I think Lakewood -- with its hard-working, hard-drinking culture -- makes a much better backdrop for forging a brute.

But then that's not Diggler's rep. He's more of a pretty boy. And frankly, I can more easily picture his highlighted hair at the Seminole Hard Rock than at McCarthy's Ale House on Detroit Ave in Lakewood.

Here's video of the final two minutes of Diggler's match against Slam Master J from last night's airing of WWE Superstars. After the jump, awkward video of Diggler and his soulmate, Diva Maria.

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