Hospital Commissioner Bounced From Host Committee by Crist Campaign

Gov. Charlie Crist is learning to tread lightly on the Broward County fund-raising circuit. Yesterday morning I posted this item about how Broward Health Commissioner Joseph Cobo was named to the host committee for next week's swanky Crist fundraiser at the home of West Broward developer Ronnie Bergeron. And by yesterday afternoon I'd already received a message, apparently from the Crist campaign, from a caller named Kenneth Kevin Boyd.

"A draft of the flier was prematurely sent out," Boyd explained. "Mr. Cobo is not on the host committee."

According to Boyd, the flier was

"a mistake" made by someone who didn't know that "such things are supposed to be approved by the governor's campaign."

You know, to avoid embarrassment. Like a publicly anti-corruption governor being privately linked to a public official currently under a pending corruption investigation, as Cobo is, based on reports his public commissioner's role mingled with his private consulting biz.

But has Cobo been dis-invited to the fundraiser? I put a call in to Boyd and I'll update when I hear back.

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