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How Benevolent Is That?

What happens when you invesigate South Florida's finest? Well, for Channel 4's Mike Kirsch it meant having a BOLO put out his ass. "Channel 4 News is... setting up officers and instigating confrontations, then filing complaints with the various police departments," the Broward County Police Benevolent Association wrote about Kirsch in the mock BOLO that was published on its web site and sent to all of Broward's police departments.

It might have been funny, but it also included Kirsch's home address, birth date, and DL number. That sounds like an invitation to harrass, don't it? Kirsch thought so. The New Times' Jeff Stratton tells the full story here (a belated Story of the Day, btw).

Failure to Lampoon When you see the previews of Failure to Launch, you just know it's bad. Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Jessica Parker, romantic comedy ... it conspires to make you want to get away from it like that sweating and hyperventillating guy with black goggles from those Budweiser commercials. Not surprisingly, it's gotten soundly bad reviews from almost every newspaper -- except the Sentinel. Movie critic Phoebe Flowers, who usually isn't really bad at what she does, gave the picture a good review. "It's good. Not brilliant, not a future Oscar contender, but a perfectly sturdy, sweet, pleasingly non-formulaic production that should amuse a variety of age groups," reads her quote on the Rotten Tomatoes web site.

Amuse a variety of age groups? Pleasingly non-formulaic? How gross.

Her quote is near ones from Roger Ebert ("Oh, what stupid people these are") and a critic from the Boulder Weekly ("I thought I was watching the Challenger disaster instead of a romantic comedy") and Film Freak Central ("It's two things and both of them suck"). Phoebe, I still have hope for you, but I'm having flashbacks to Tom Sander -- and that's not a good thing.

What Would The Hell's Angels Do?

Think They Had Any Stones?

That congregation at the Church of Nazarene that beat up the burglar with baseball bats and hog-tied him is growing on me. It's good ol' American justice, really. But when I saw the pictures of the burglar, who sustained broken ribs and other injuries in the attack, I thought of another Church figure. Just imagine him with his arms spread back.

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