How Does "Occupation Fries" Sound?

Burt Strikes Again

Remember when Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson made national headlines for proposing a resolution to change the name of French fries to freedom fries? That was back in 2003, when the commish was outraged that the country of France opposed George W. Bush's war in Iraq.

Well, now France looks smart and Aaronson looks like one of the biggest boneheads of the new century. If nothing else, he proved he could pander to the lowest common denominator. That was kind of funny. Now he's trying to pander with Palm Beach County's tax dollars.

In an obvious bid to pander to Jewish voters, Aaronson is proposing that the county invest millions of dollars in ... Israel. Now the Palm Beach post reports that Sharon Bock, the county's clerk and comptroller, is on board for sinking in as much as $15 million, as a "social issue."

Out of this absurd wilderness steps James Derba, the vice chairman of the county's investment policy committee. In her Palm Beach Post story, Jennifer Sorentrue quotes Derba as saying, "Investments are not made based on emotion, social mores, form of government or political consideration. The suggestion to purchase the bonds in question is not in the best interest of the county. If a decision is made to purchase them I resign."

My suggestion: Invest in Iraq instead. It's cheap as sand right now and, just as soon as that pesky civil war comes to its bloody conclusion, it's sure to give you a nice return.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.