How Immature Is LeBron James?

Could it be that LeBron James and Chris Bosh are too immature to handle their rising fame? The two could have been part of a real dream team if they weren't living up to their young ages of 25 and 26. Thanks to recent videos, Miami Heat fans are starting to question James' and Bosh's maturity.

Check out the two videos and descriptions after the jump. 

Below is an interview with Chris Bosh after the November 17 game against the Phoenix Suns. Apparently, Head Coach Erik Spoelstra wants the team to work their asses off and win games. Hell, they were paid yacht-loads of money to do it. But Bosh just wants to "chill."

This video is LeBron being rude. We've always known that he's immature (according to his tattoo, he's the "Chosen 1"), but now he's getting violent.

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