How to Beat a Ticket From a Red-Light Camera and Win in Court

Our intrepid former editor Eric Barton has left New Times' gulag-like cubicle farm gilded corner office, but he continues to blog over on his own site, Barefoot Mailman.

Missing his wit, we sneak a lil looksee over there once in a while to read his musings about Fort Lauderdale and the world.

Lo and behold, last week he revealed the secret for how to beat a traffic ticket received for a red-light camera violation.

There are a lot of brains in the Barton household, and the larger chunk of 'em belong to Eric's wife, Jill, who is a lawyer (and law professor).

Seems the generous and gracious Jill helped Eric with his research of various obscure laws, applicable Supreme Court rulings, and one Florida Statute Section 90.504, which refers to what is commonly known as "spousal privilege."

Long story short -- Eric blamed his wife for driving the car when it was filmed blowing a stoplight, and because they're married, he's under no legal obligation to tattle on her.  (If you blame such a violation on someone other than a spouse, you may have to sign an affidavit identifying the person.) The judge dismissed his case. 

So, there ya go, fellas. Another reason to put a ring on it.

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