Huffington Post Now Doing Public Relations for Rick Scott

A weird story out of Tampa Bay -- according to WTVT, "Governor Rick Scott has agreed to write blogs for the Huffington Post." Yes, it appears HuffPo will just be publishing the governor's press releases verbatim:

As Romney is turning up the heat on President Obama by stressing Florida's problems, progressive commentator Arianna Huffington invited Governor Scott to explain how Florida is improving, and how small businesses are succeeding.

Scott reportedly accepted the invitation, and why wouldn't he? All the publicity without any of the scrutiny -- a sweet deal, but who would be dumb enough to offer it? Sure, the website offers opinions from all sorts of people with all sorts of opinions. But if HuffPo really wants to be "the internet newspaper," is it unreasonable to ask them not to let the highest-ranking politician in the state jerk us around without any accountability?

Oh well. Hopefully they'll put the "Celebrities Who've Gone Braless" slideshow at the end of his blogs.


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