Hundreds of Manatees Find Refuge From the Cold Near FPL Plant

Merry Christmas, South Florida!

It's 304 manatees!

The recent cold snap forced hundreds of the sea cows to the FPL plant located east of State Road 7 right off Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The herd sought refuge from the suddenly chilly weather in the plant's discharge of warm water.

So the manatees are warm and possibly now have superpowers.

Broward County's weekly manatee survey took aerial shots of the creatures seeking sanctuary and counted 304 of them.

Power plants regularly discharge warm water around the area whenever the temperature dips, so the surveyors knew where to look when the weather got cold.

Manatees learned long ago that power plants are the place to be when it gets cold. Since the warm springs that once ran rampant throughout Florida are all but gone, they now look to rely on finding refuge near the power plants.

While we humans have ruined the environment by destroying the manatees' natural resources, they are still intelligent and resourceful enough to know where to go.

And by them taking refuge near power plants, we are now that much closer to the Manatee Apocalypse.

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