ICE Halts Deportation of Man Who Was Detained in Broward After Being Beaten With Hammer

Back in August, an undocumented immigrant named Oscar Silvan was beaten with a hammer, his skull cracked like an egg. He ended up in the intensive-care unit of Jackson Memorial Hospital for a week and underwent extensive surgery. But according to a recent complaint filed by the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, his troubles were just starting.

When Silvan went to file a police report, he was detained and hauled off to the Broward Transitional Center, a privately run facility that, as recently documented by New Times, has been plagued by upheaval, hunger strikes, and even a rape with a Sharpie marker.

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Searches of the Broward and Miami-Dade county clerk records show no criminal record for Silvan. The nonprofit group NIYA says he was arrested five years ago for a DUI but had the charges dropped.

Because Silvan was detained so soon after getting out of the hospital, he missed important postoperative follow-up appointments at the hospital. His head wounds were left to heal themselves with little medical oversight.

While at the Broward Transitional Center, Silvan began experiencing blinding headaches and blurred vision on a daily basis. NIYA says that even though he requested medical assistance repeatedly, he did not receive proper care.

Instead, Silvan was put a plane and sent to Louisiana's LaSalle Detention Center. From there, he was to be deported back to Nicaragua.

Last week, however, Silvan filed a request for a stay of deportation that detailed his medical woe. The stay was granted on Tuesday. Now he'll be put back on a plane and flown back to Florida.

His fight is far from over. His headaches are likely to persist. But it's still a small victory for NIYA and Silvan.

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