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Identity Thief Victimized Best Friend, Ex-Boyfriend, Daycare Provider

Erika Morales snatched the identity of every person who came close to her, based on the probable-cause affidavit released today by West Palm Beach police. Her victims include her daughter's father and the woman at the daycare center who watched that child.

A police investigator interviewed one identity theft victim named Lisa Robinson.

Robinson stated that she was what she believed to be Morales' best friend and has known Morales for about ten years. Robinson further stated that she knew Morales as a friend and a parent but had no idea Morales had obtained and used her Personal Identification Information to open accounts.
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Barbara Runyon, who used to run a daycare center in West Palm Beach, where she watched Morales' daughter. Ronnie Shivers was the father of that child, and he also didn't have a clue who stole his identity until police told him about Morales.

Wilbert Lormejust lost his wallet in 2007. Police believe Morales must have found it or stolen it, because she's accused of stealing his identity too. Another victim, Julia Shriver, had never met nor heard of Morales and has no clue how her identity was stolen.

Police have named 16 victims of Morales. Most of them live in West Palm Beach.

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