If Goths Can Cruise, You Can Too

Take heart, fellow heat prisoners of South Florida. Whatever dread you may feel during this, the first blistering hot spell in what's sure to be a merciless summer, at least you have not committed to a subculture of black, of leather, of melting mascara, or to the other sweltering accouterments of the goth lifestyle, all of which are punished by the sun god, Helios.

But as you can see in the video above, goths have braved the tropical sun -- the pair above were passengers on the Goth Cruise 2008, which left from Port Everglades. For pictures of even more courageous goths, check out this hysterical blog, "Goths in Hot Weather."

Come to think of it, the Fort Lauderdale-based Cruise Lines International Association would be smart to have made a goth the face of their summer 2009 campaign, which this week rolled out a promotion built around the slogan "You deserve a cruise." Coming from such a fierce enemy of sunshine, that makes one hell of an endorsement.

After the jump, the trailer for the Independent Film Channel documentary Goth Cruise.

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