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If Politicians Were Bank Robbers ...

How are some of these people still sitting in office in Broward County? Most of you know who I'm talking about (Stephanie Kraft is one). It's embarrassing and damaging to the public.

We know there are going to be several more elected officials nabbed on corruption charges by the State Attorney's Office under Mike Satz and a Winnebago-full of arrests in the Rothstein case as well. But the caution showed by both state and federal prosecutors in dealing with these crooks is unsettling. I hear it every day from people: When are they are going to do something? How long do we have to wait? If these people were bank robbers, every branch in Broward County would have been hit while prosecutors and agents cross their t's and attempt to make more perfect cases. In the case of Rothstein, we're looking at the one-year anniversary of his bolt to Morocco in a couple of weeks (can you believe that?).

You got the probable cause. Bring them in. Don't be so afraid of everything. The sorry situation in Broward demands decisiveness, not hand-wrenching and nervous pacing. Clean up the town, let the chips fall where they may, and then clean up the chips.

-- In other news or lack thereof, the United Way of Broward County has not gotten back to me on the legal problems facing this year's Mayor's Gala for Ken Keechl. United Way President Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson has apparently decided not to address the situation. (Just a cautionary note: O'Flannery Anderson is another person who puts "Dr." before her name at times because she has a PhD). I remain convinced that the United Way and other charities involved have little choice but to pull out of the event due to the campaign season and the broad political prohibition rules for tax-exempt nonprofits. We'll see.

After the jump, we look at a group in Tamarac likely ruled by Satan (yes, I'm talking about the Kiwanis), and the other hospital district (on the south side) in Broward County is accused of damaging the very people it levies taxes to help: sick indigent folks.

The Kiwanis in Tamarac is a group tied in with the evil Democratic apparatus there and used to do the bidding of Commissioner Patricia Atkins-Grad until she was arrested for crimes of corruption. When Atkins-Grad was running for office against Patti Lynn, the Kiwanis propogated a smear involving allegations of anti-Semitism. It was ugly.

Now we have a case in which a city employee, Assistant Parks Director Linda Probert, solicited gifts for the group's exiting "lieutenant governor," attorney Richard Entin, using her city email and apparently on city time. Not allowed, Ms. Probert. Here's the email:

From: Linda Probert <[email protected]>
Subject: Recognition - Richard Entin
To: "Alan Bernstein" <[email protected]>, "Allysa Tacher" <[email protected]>, "Andy Berns" <[email protected]>, "Barry Harris" <[email protected]>, "Beth Flansbaum-Talabisco" <[email protected]>, "Bruce Pockey" <[email protected]>, "Carl Robinson" <[email protected]>, "Carol Courtney" <[email protected]>, "Catherine Walton" <[email protected]>, "David Zimelman" <[email protected]>, "Debra " <[email protected]>, "Diane Glasser" <[email protected]>, "Diane Glasser" <[email protected]>, "Fred Kahook" <[email protected]>, "Fred Wood" <[email protected]>, "Fuad Kuhook" <[email protected]>, "Gillian Martin" <[email protected]>, "Glenda McMurray" <[email protected]>, "Greg Warner" <[email protected]>, "Harry Dressler" <[email protected]>, "Harvey & Gerri Eckert" <[email protected]>, "Jack Talabisco" <[email protected]>, "Jeff Miller" <[email protected]>, "Joe Delpercio" <[email protected]>, "Joel Davidson" <[email protected]>, "John Meredith" <[email protected]>, "John & Suzanne Dimeco " <[email protected]>, "John DiPompeo" <[email protected]>, "John Meredith " <[email protected]>, "John Sammet" <[email protected]>, "Joseph Damico" <[email protected]>, "Kathy Gerstenslager" <[email protected]>, "Kathy Hunter" <[email protected]>, "Kathyleen Turner" <[email protected]>, "Ken Gillespie" <[email protected]>, "Mandy Huynh" <[email protected]>, "Marc Duguay" <[email protected]>, "Marlon Guiterrez" <[email protected]>, "Mary Brown" <[email protected]>, "Michael Cernech" <[email protected]>, "Michelle Gomez" <[email protected]>, "Mindy Salway" <[email protected]>, "Orly Armor" <[email protected]>, "Pamela Bushnell" <[email protected]>, "Patricia Atkins-Grad" <[email protected]>, "Patricia Moste" <[email protected]>, "Patti Lynn" <[email protected]>, "Paula Roberts" <[email protected]>, "Rhoda Sokoloff" <[email protected]>, "Richard Dzicek" <[email protected]>, "Robert Malkoff" <[email protected]>, "Ronald Hawthorn" <[email protected]>, "Suzanne Chesser" <[email protected]>, "Tracy Martin" <[email protected]>, "Vicki Reid" <[email protected]>, "Michelle J. Gomez" <[email protected]>
Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 5:04 PM

Dear fellow Kiwanians,

As we approach the end of the current year, our fellow Club member, Richard Entin will step down as the Lieutenant Governor for our District. Richard has done an outstanding job, and we need to acknowledge his contribution.

Members of the Board have decided to purchase a ... The cost ... is $250. We're asking those members of the Club who would like to contribute to do so in Richard's honor. Bob Malkoff has offered to match up to $100 in donations. Donations may be made in any amount to help reach our goal.

Contributions should be given directly to Bob or to me. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Linda Probert
President;  2010-2011  


I thought the email list was worth posting alone. And yes, I cut out the part about what they were getting Entin. I'm not one to spoil a surprise.

-- If you think the South Broward Hospital District is pristine (the good sister to the northern monster), think again. The district has a long history of dubious dealings, has been under investigation for fraud, and was just sued last week by Legal Aid Service of Broward County on an allegation it illegally billed very sick indigent patients, the people the taxing district was set up to help.

"In addition to their poor health, the Plaintiffs were deluged with medical bills, collection agencies, and their credit destroyed," wrote Legal Aid director Sharon Bourassa in the lawsuit, which also names the heads of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration and the Department of Children and Families as defendants.

We'll keep an eye on this one.

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