Illinois Department of Corrections Wants Ryan LeVin To Serve Prison Time

Amid the accusations of Ryan LeVin's escape from prison time as an example of "checkbook justice," he'll get another shot at the slammer.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Cara Smith -- the chief of staff for the Illinois Department of Corrections -- gave a call down to Broward County, asking for LeVin's return to his home state.

Part of LeVin's parole in Illinois -- which is related to him injuring three other people with his car -- is that he can't leave the state without permission.

When he showed up to a Broward County courthouse for a hearing related to him mowing over and killing two Britons, that would be a parole violation.

Smith told the Sun-Times that the Illinois Prisoner Review Board would have to calculate how much time he'd have to serve in Illinois if they revoke his parole, but it would likely be less than a year.

Also in today's Sun-Times, a scathing editorial on LeVin called "Suburban brat gets rich man's justice."

"Let's be clear: Prison is for poor people. Prison is not for rich people. Prison is for people who cannot buy their way out," they write, essentially ripping LeVin a new one:

You should know this: At the time of his arrest, LeVin already had more than 50 moving traffic violations to his name, and he was on probation in Illinois for a high-speed chase in 2006 that injured a police officer and two motorists.

And you should know this: When McCarthy ordered LeVin at his sentencing hearing to take the gum out of his mouth and make a statement, he turned red and blubbery and said he felt shame, but he never actually apologized.

Illinois officials are working to have LeVin returned here, his home state, to face charges of violating his terms of parole when he took one of his trips to Florida. Running over two men at more than 100 miles an hour in a $120,000 Porsche 911 Turbo, we suspect, might also qualify as a parole violation.

Our hope is that LeVin is returned to Illinois promptly and thrown in prison to serve out the last few months of his sentence.

As for Judge McCarthy, let's hope she stays in Florida.

Now we'll have to see if the justice system semi-functions in other parts of the country.

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