In Florida Politicians Always Travel Highway to the Danger Zone

Let's interrupt this string of blogs about alleged corruption to un-allege some corruption. Specifically, Juice hereby calls for a period of media moderation following the binge of stories that would scandalize politicians for traveling.

This is the kind of rant that deserves a soundtrack and some video, and the relevant one here is from the opening minutes of Top Gun.

Now these condemnations were on solid ground when it was about Crist's "trade mission" to Europe last summer that looked more like a freakin' honeymoon. And it was legitimate, too, to question the travels of Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp, since the bill was over a half-mill.

But now Kottkamp is being harassed for taking a police escort to a Kenny Loggins concert. We're supposed to be outraged about the taxpayer expense, but I'm just pissed about having a lieutenant governor with such atrocious musical tastes. And now Florida CFO is getting flak for a Monday trip to Tampa and an upcoming plane ride to the Palm Beaches in the same week.

Yes, we want our public officials to be frugal. But if these are the most troubling things we can dig up on our politicians -- and I find that impossible to believe -- then I'm not sure it's worth wasting precious internet bandwidth and ink.

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