In Focus: Adderley and Rothstein

Just in case you were tired of that blurry Bentley auto crash photograph, here's one of Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley cozying up with Kim and Scott Rothstein at the Humane Society's Harley Dog Days fundraiser on April 25 at the Coral Ridge Country Club. (Thanks to the person who posted the link in the comments.)

Who knows what happens with Adderley. He definitely violated some ethics rules by taking numerous gifts from Rothstein, including the private plane trip to New York. I recently spoke with a source who worked for Rothstein and was with him a great deal of time during the past year, and he told me that Adderley ate and drank for free at Bova Prime several nights a week. "It was always on Scott, always," said the source.

More on that source and what he told me later, but his words directly coincide with what Anthony McDermott told me. McDermott said Adderley was a huge mooch who would get "shitfaced" at the restaurant on a regular basis, prompting the police chief to tell

city activist and blogger Tim Smith, "I am not a mooch."

Understand that a steak dinner and a few drinks at Bova is going to run you a hundred bucks. Doing it several times a week is a huge violation of ethics rules.

But there's still no evidence to date that he committed any felonies (i.e., that he granted Rothstein any special law enforcement favors in exchange for those gifts). He belatedly claims he paid $220 for the private plane ride to New York (the cheapest Gulfstream V flight in history, apparently) and for several Dolphins games in Rothstein's luxury box at Land Shark Stadium in cash.

Very smart chief. Pay for the gifts with cash so you can't prove you ever paid for it. Who does he take us for? As KevinK likes to say, "No sale!"

With "leadership" coming from the likes of Jack Seiler, who kowtows to the police force (and certain lobbyists), the guy might actually keep his job too. Fort Lauderdale has never had much pride or integrity before, so why should it start now? Having a joke for a chief is par for the course.

To sum up, Adderley has shown himself unfit to be chief, but there's no evidence yet that he should be fit for shackles.

One other thing: Why is Footie always popping up in these things?

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