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In Jeffrey Epstein Underage Sex Case, Woman Says She Was Forced to Have Sex With Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, and "World Leaders"

It's been almost a decade since Palm Beach financial guru Jeffrey Epstein was first accused of having sex with underaged girls at his Palm Beach mansion. Epstein, now in his 60s, eventually took a plea deal and served 13 months of an 18-month sentence on just one prostitution charge.

However, victims in the case filed a civil lawsuit, Doe v. United States of America, in 2008, alleging that federal prosecutors improperly failed to inform them of the plea deal as it developed. One of the motions recently filed in that lawsuit contains allegations against His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

The motion is a request for two new victims -- Jane Doe #3 and Jane Doe #4 -- to join the lawsuit.

The government had argued that it had no duty to inform the original two plaintiffs about the plea deal because no federal charges had been filed against Epstein, an argument the court rejected.

The new motion, filed December 30 by attorneys for the plaintiffs, say that Jane Doe # 3 at age 15 was brought to Epstein by Ghislaine Maxwell, who had also introduced the other girls. As with the other victims, "massages" turned into something more and Epstein made the girl his "sex slave" from 1999 to 2002, having sex with her in West Palm Beach, foreign countries, and in his airplanes.

The lawsuit says Epstein began "lending" the girl to powerful men so he would have blackmail power over them. The lawsuit says she was loaned to law professor Alan Dershowitz, who then helped Epstein craft his defense. He also loaned her to model scout Jean Luc Brunel, "foreign presidents, a well-known Prime Minister," and "other world leaders," the lawsuit alleges.

It says she also had sex with Prince Andrew in London, New York, and the Virgin islands after Epstein instructed her to give the prince "whatever he wants."

Epstein and Andrew were known to be friends, and a former Epstein employee once testified that the royal was known to attend naked pool parties in Palm Beach.

Jane Doe #4 was likewise allegedly roped in at the age of 16 by learning she "could make $300 cash by giving an old man a massage in Palm Beach."

Prince Andrew has denied any impropriety. So has Dershowitz.

The Does' lead attorney, Bradley James Edwards, is out of the office today, a secretary said.

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