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In Muslim Drag, Wellington Man Makes Escape From Dubai

Sometimes you have to abandon questions of guilt and innocence and just admire the sheer audacity of a criminal suspect. Herve Jaubert is one of those cases.

We told you about Jaubert, a resident of Wellington, a few weeks ago, but the former French spy wanted by the United Arab Emirates for alleged financial crimes has been on a media junket and recently offered new details about exactly how he managed to escape Dubai. He told the Times (UK):

"When I was a secret agent I was a ghost, but here it was different, I was not a ghost any more; these people had my picture. I decided to disguise myself as a woman and then I became a ghost. When you are covered from head to toe in an abaya and veil nobody talks to you, nobody looks at you. Wearing the abaya nobody bothered me, it's like I never existed. That's the best disguise you can find because even a police officer cannot talk to you."
Using a culture that hides its women as a way of hiding one's self -- brilliant!

Jaubert then describes how he'd learned that rubber dinghies are rarely noticed along the coast, which is why he chose that method of escape.

"I checked every 10 metres of that coastline and there are police boats pretty much everywhere. I could not find a place where there were no police boats so I chose the place where there was only one. The night before I escaped I went into the coastguard station and I sabotaged the boat to make sure that the next day if someone saw me on the water they could not chase me."
Some friend in a sailboat met him after he put some distance between himself and the coast. From there to Mumbai and now he's enjoying the tranquility of Wellington. Hell of a story. For once, a memoir written by a person who's lived a life that's memoir-worthy.

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