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In Quick Takes: Scott Rothstein Ups the Ante

Fort Lauderdale lawyer and GOP money man Scott Rothstein just keeps gobbling up big-name investments.

It apparently wasn't enough for him to take over the well-known movers-and-shakers haunt Jackson's Steakhouse on Las Olas, so he bought a controlling stake in the Versace mansion on Collins Avenue in South Beach. He had an audacious three-day wedding at the place, now known as Casa Casuarina, last year, and now he basically owns it.  

You might think he's betting on a quick turnaround in the economy, and he probably is to some degree. But after he bought Miami Dolphin Ricky Williams' Fort Lauderdale house in 2003, he went ahead and bought up two more million-dollar-plus homes on the Intracoastal street plus a few more swank Broward pads for $20 million total. I asked him then if he really thought housing prices had bottomed. He said he wasn't worried about homes going down too much; he was in it for the long haul. You get the idea those houses are just a speck on his radar at this point.

Whatever the case, Rothstein, who says he has 43 different voices in his head and he's never sure which personality will emerge, keeps ascending.   

-- The headline on the Sentinel home page reads: "Spirit of Neil Rogers lives on with webcasts." I'm thinking Neil Rogers isn't dead, is he? Of course not. Here's the story.

-- I heard about this a few weeks ago, but now it's in print: Former investigations editor Joe Demma and Miami Herald reporter Dan Christensen are starting a "non-profit investigative reporting" site called (it's not functioning yet). These are both very good journos, and I wish them success, but I'm not big on the nonprofit "Save the Reporters, Donate Today" brand of journalism. It's a business, not a charity. Then again, you get the backing any way you can at this point. More power to them. This place needs all the real journalists it can get.

-- Speaking of nonprofit investigative sites and laid-off South Florida reporters, have you seen the "What About Our Daughters" site? Run by Gina McCauley, it's a site devoted to black causes (for more on McCauley, click here). Right now, the site has former Palm Beach Post CB Hanif covering the horrific Dunbar Village rape case. Should be interesting reading for the next few weeks.    

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