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Hollywood Police Chief James Scarberry retires. But don't worry, it has nothing to do with the scandal that recently engulfed his department. He just wants to spend more time with his wife. That's the ticket.

The fugitive Archer and his Cuban boy toy Zarabozo are charged with murder in the ghost ship case. But don't worry, some day they'll find the real killers -- a group of pirates who found love in their heart and coddled A and Z (while brutally killing everyone else on board).

They finally have a tax plan, thanks to Broward's own, Steve Geller, who came to the rescue and helped to hammer out a deal with his old friend, Charlie Crist. Look, I like portability, it could save me the equivalent of a small car payment (maybe a Kia-sized amount) every month, but it only perpetuates the inequities in the system. Really though, how can you expect anything meaningful from these people? Crist is more a socializer than a policy guy, so the only thing that's ultimately going to drop like a rock around here is his popularity rating. Rubio, who should be his chief ally, is setting up a run against Crist in the next governor's election. The GOP, in general, wants to bring Florida back to the stone age, tax-wise, to put more of the burden on the working poor and middle classes. And the Democrats have little power and wouldn't know what to do if they had more. Dysfunction junction, baby.

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