Insane Tattoos Depicting the State of Florida: From NBA Stars to Criminals (Images)

Let's face it: Floridians aren't exactly oozing with state pride. 

The intensity of our sports fans is mild at best when compared with a bottle-wielding Boston fan or face-pummeling fatso from Philadelphia. We don't brag about our oranges like New Yorkers brag about their pizza or bagels or everything else they insist is the best. Maybe it's all the snowbirds and tourists, the transient hordes of spring breakers, and that our cities are always making "most miserable city" lists and the like. Or maybe the state is just terrible. 

That's why it was a more than surprising to come across so many tattoos of Florida while researching our most recent cover story on underground tattoo artists. We're not talking Florida-themed tattoos or logos of local sports teams. We're talking tattoos of the physical shape of the state, from the Panhandle to the Keys. Here, ten of the most notable. 

This tattoo paid for itself in free drinks within a week. 

The tourism board should pay Udonis Haslem to get thrown out of more games and rip his jersey off in a fury. 

Travis Brown
Miami and Broward don't seem that skully in real life. 

That seems like a lot of detail on the west coast. No idea of it's geographically accurate. 

Maybe the lack of Florida pride is due to our biggest draws being things like deep-sea fishing and nice weather. 

When this is one of your less insane tattoos, you've got problems. The third pro basketball player to make the list, Boston Celtics Marquis Daniels, also has a tattoo of a guy blowing his brains out with a shotgun. The figure is pulling the trigger with his toe and has the barrel crammed in his mouth. Above the blood-brain splatter is, "Only the strong survive."


Nothing will kick-start a spree of state pride like hiring this guy as Florida's new mascot. 

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